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Our Hotelbar

In the soft colored light shines the hotel bar. Our new bar is modern and elegantly presented. Come in and experience the pleasant atmosphere.

Relax at the bar or sit for a conversation at a table, overlooking the terrace. In good weather, a pleasant "chat" in the open with the delicious specialties of the beverage bar.

At long drinks, cocktails, soft drinks and coffee specialties, you feel after a long day at work, at lunchtime and evening, probably in our hotel bar. Our friendly service will offer you a beautiful, enjoyable evening.

Experience our newly designed bar and outdoor terrace.

Spend time with friends, acquaintances and business partners in encouraging a pleasant atmosphere in the hotel bar "Holländersruh".

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The Restaurant

Our restaurant is known beyond the region for its delicious dishes and drinks. As specialties from Schleswig-Holstein, we serve delicious seafood and in season, asparagus with Holsteiner ham and much more. Culinary weeks of various kinds to make our offer even more varied. The good home cooking, regional cooking is our specialty.


Hearty favorite dishes you can enjoy with us and also a small Snak. The restaurant is friendly, modern and comfortably furnished, and invites them to stay. The service at our restaurant is looking forward to our guests, attentive and accommodating, they serve you the best of food and wine.

Sit back and enjoy our delicious dishes.

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Celebrations & Events

Our hotel is your place for family celebrations and other festivals and parties. We offer an excellent organization for the conduct of your celebration. We are happy to discuss your specific needs.

Whether large or small events, at our hotel, you can always feel comfortable and well cared for. One of our main tasks is the preparation and execution of your celebration. Discreetly in the background, but always attentive service is our tried and tested. In the festively decorated room we serve your chosen menu. We provide attention to each of your guests.

A romantic wedding, christening, birthday or anniversary - we make an adventure out of your celebration. We look forward to visiting your whole family. Welcome clubs and of course there are other operators who want to be pampered at your ceremony in our home.

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Contact :

Familie Borchert

Kremper Straße 13

D-23730 Neustadt in Holstein

Tel: + 49 (0)4561-88 85

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